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765 Update – 4/30/2017

By May 1, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Bob has worked on the auxiliary tank all week. It is coming along nicely. A diverse crew on Friday, Saturday and Sunday moved things along.  To the best of my knowledge we should be ready to hydro the engine on May 8th. Tyler finished up drilling tell tales, Joe put gags on the pop valves, Rob plumbed up the Hydro pump and we cleaned and reinstalled a couple of leaky washout plugs. I plan to fill the 765 with water Thursday or Friday and begin heating it up. We installed the brake rigging on one of the auxiliary tank trucks.


Next week the major activity will be the hydrostatic test on May 8th There will be a lot of prep work starting on Thursday or Friday and running through the weekend.  We will need some folks Monday and possibly Tuesday, the 8th and 9th to assist with the hydrostatic test.  Hammering stays is good exercise and fun.  Wear ear plugs we have thousands of bolts to test.

We will probably work on the a-tank trucks, finishing the installation of a few pins we have not yet received from the heat treat and work on the other truck if time permits next weekend. 

Bob is going to work on the auxiliary tank this week starting Tuesday.  Zach Hall is planning on staying after the hydro and will be working on projects through the week.  Both Bob and Zach need weekday assistance.  If you have the time during the next two weeks or can make it, we need your help.


On occasion, we’re called on to push something. Typically, it’s safer to push than it is to pull a load, however, doing either can be dangerous to your body. Many soft tissue injuries occur because we push or pull unsafely.

There are some techniques to use when you must safely push a load. How we push the load is critical. One needs to ensure that you have good posture when we’re exerting that type of force. Most of us can develop higher push forces by leaning our body weight into the load.

  • Assure that there aren’t any foreign materials on the floor that could cause a slip and fall situation.
  • Assure that you have a clean, clear path in which to push the object(s).
  • For pushing, your hands should be between your elbow and hip.
  • Square up to the load so you don’t twist your body.
  • Feet spread a little with good footing.
  • If you can’t push it easily with your body weight lessen the load if possible, utilize a different approach such as a wheeled cart get or simply get help.

Doing the job safely will help assure that you won’t be seeking medical attention.