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765 Update – 3/6/2017

By March 6, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Rich B, Joe K. and I worked on affixing the swash plates and cleaning the tank.  I think we are down to the last 7 or 8 sections of the tank to clean. The sump holes that will be covered by the storage area floor, were painted but need a bit of touch-up. Sunday was a bust on getting anything done due to visitors, though I did get some of the bolts resorted.

The previous weekend progress was made on the auxiliary tank both Friday and through the week with Rob, Carl and John helping to move the project along. The weekend saw a few sections of tank cleaned for painting. The beginning of the storage compartment walls are being put into place. About a week more of welding and the tank will be able to hold water.  When that week happens is anyone’s guess. The engine oil lubricator was put back up and bolted down.  The cold-water pump was taken off for further inspection. Joe spent most of the day rerouting wiring for the proposed installation of air compressors.

Friday I intend to clean up the rest of the tank, to the extent possible. and put on as much paint as possible. Saturday and Sunday I either will put on more paint or watch it dry in the unlikely event the interior is completed.