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Diesel Department Update – 2/12/2017

By February 16, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Tom Nitza.

This weekend more work was performed on our Plymouth locomotive. During the oil change an oil sample was taken on the #2 engine (we had previously sampled the #1 engine). The results were interesting to say the least. The oil was diluted with 9.5% diesel fuel — that’s an extremely high reading. Something on the order of under 1% would be normal. So, we now need to track down that problem. Given the high concentration, the first place we’ll check are the lines that connect to the injectors. If one of those is leaking that would spray fuel directly into the valve area and into the oil. If those check out we’ll have to pull injectors.

Several years ago Blackstone Labs in Fort Wayne offered to test oil samples for free, and we’ve taken advantage of that offer. Although we hate to receive bad news, it’s better to find out before the engine develops major mechanical problems.

The engine compartment doors were repaired and lubricated so that they open and close easily. We also removed some old piping and electrical items. Over the years the locomotive has been modified and people have simply left old components in place. We also removed the cab heater piping. The way it was laid out there was a low spot which wouldn’t drain. When we get around to putting in a cab heater we’ll reroute that piping and make it easier to service.

Finally we removed the floor on the fireman’s side of the cab and cleaned out the insulation underneath. Over the years the insulation has collected both dirt and water and the area has rusted. Before installing a new floor we’ll needle gun the steel and paint it.

The next work day will be Friday February 17th — I will not be at the shop on Saturday the 18th.

Much remains to be done, but we’re making progress.