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Project 358 Update – 12/10/2016

By December 10, 2016January 22nd, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Chris Lantz.


In the past month, significant progress has been made not only stabilizing the locomotive but also preparing it for continued restoration work. The large area of unpainted carbody behind the cab was prepped and painted as was the exposed metal below the cab.  Door latches were installed as well.

A thorough inspection of the high voltage system was made and areas requiring work were identified.  Traction motor leads were labeled to prepare for replacing missing sections in the future.

Several missing components have been located and are being readied for installation including an auxiliary generator as well as parts of the fuel and cooling systems.


Immediate work will include installing the fuel system components as well as those of the cooling system.  This will allow for a prelube and starting the locomotive to check the cooling system for leaks. Other work will include cleaning the sump and associated drains, engine and compressor rooms.

Work sessions will be announced in the Members Area as weather permits.