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765 Update – 11/06/2016

By November 8, 2016Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.

Friday, we ran a trip for the Cuba Mennonite School, followed by machining of auxiliary truck brake parts, Zach’s measuring coupler pockets etc., and cleaning of valve gear pieces. We also unloaded a truck load of new ties to be installed.  Tom and crew worked on the Plymouth and 1231 changing out old antifreeze and other maintenance projects.

Saturday a good crew gathered to work on the track, replacing ties is a high priority project. Thanks to those that helped we spiked in 77 ties and pulled spikes and tie plates on a similar section of rail. Some work was done on cosmetically restoring the SD – 9 as well.

Sunday’s crew finished disassembling the valve gear on 765, cleaned parts, washed the underside of the locomotive and much of the top. All in all, it was a huge work weekend with many projects being moved forward.

The top priority is to re-spike the next section of track move equipment off the north building lead and remove the spikes and tie plates on that section of railroad. Once that is done we will be getting things ready for our Santa trips coming in December. Plenty of fun for all.

Society PPE rules and regulations are in place for a reason and that is your safety and the prevention of injuries. The recent video of re-railing the 765 pointed out that not everyone is taking the PPE rules seriously. There were many opportunities for injuries to occur and the fact that there weren’t any injuries was sheer luck. However, a safety program based upon luck is doomed to failure and that means someone is going to be injured or worse. Don’t let that injured person be YOU, follow the safety rules.