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Work Session 11/5 – Track Upgrades

By October 30, 2016Members Only

We will be holding a volunteer work session on Saturday November 5th from approximately 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, with a break for lunch. Tom Nitza and Aaron Sherman have been busy lining up the materials and a contractor to help with tie work at our restoration facility in New Haven. The contractor will be pulling and installing 400 ties starting at our building and running out to the switch that leads into the industrial park. Our part of the project is to respike the rails after the ties are installed.

Work will begin on Saturday November 5th and continue on the 12th and the 19th. The good news is that we have a pneumatic spike driver which takes a lot of the work out of it. However, if you’ve ever used it, it’s heavy and it will take several operators taking turns to keep productivity moving. There are also track bolts that need to be replaced or tightened if you’re not into spiking.

This is an important project designed to prevent another derailment like we had during this year’s open house. This is also the same track we’ll be using for our popular Santa rides in December.

Current members are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to visit the shop, meet new members and help the society preserve equipment significant to Northeast Indiana. Thanks for your past support and we hope you’ll be able to find some time to help on this project.