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765 Update – 10/2/2016

By October 3, 2016September 30th, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker

Friday was spent getting oil samples, doing paperwork, picking up a few stoves and getting some oil samples. Saturday we started with getting the remaining oil samples from the drivers and engine truck bearings and will be sending them in at the earliest opportunity.  We proceeded to wipe down the rods and then backed the engine out of the building to clean out the ashes in the firebox and ash pan.  That done fire brick was removed and the inside of the firebox washed down.  As we thought, one firebrick and one grate were not in place with the firebrick on the grates and the grate missing somewhere east of Fostoria. Sunday was a slow day because I had no ambition and no cheering section. Managed to get the heaped up ash between the tracks hauled off to a better location so we don’t drag air hoses and traction motors through it. I left some for those who really want to move some ash.

Weather permitting, we will be unloading coal and blowing out flues next weekend with cleaning out the smoke box following that. One or two or two more good efforts at removing grease from the rods should have them fairly clean. The underside of the locomotive needs washed down.  I expect those activities will fill most of the weekend along with a few meetings.

Note to all:
I found the parts washer coated in white paint with brushes on top.  It appears someone has mistaken the parts washer for a paint brush cleaner.  The parts washer is for removing grease from parts, after thick grease is scraped off.  The directions on the washer state do not put paint into the parts washer.  So I would suggest whoever has done this and any anyone else who is thinking of doing this should refrain and not clean paint brushes in the parts washer.  We have paint and lacquer thinner for cleaning brushes.  If the supply of those solvents is low let me know or go out and purchase what you need.