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Facilities Report – 9/20/2016

By September 20, 2016September 30th, 2017Members Only

9/20/2016 shop update provided by Tom Nitza

Monday afternoon Aaron and I sprayed the track from our shop out to the interchange. We also went down the industrial park’s track to the transload area and down the 201 track, but we did not move the hospital cars or reefers.

All went well. According to our calculations based on the chemicals being used and the sprayer output, we needed to move at 4 mph. Aaron has an app on his phone so we used that for our speedometer. It’s actually pretty easy to hold that speed on level and straight track, but curves and slight grades add a level of difficulty. Hopefully we’ll soon see the effects of our efforts.

All equipment is out of the way and the path is clear for the return of the 765.

Submitted by Tom Nitza.