Years of Progress, Miles of Celebration

Updated 8/20/12 – New dates for St. Louis deadhead

Updated! Track the 765 on its routes here!

On July 20th, steam locomotive no. 765 embarks on one of its busiest excursion season in recent history. July through September will see the 765 operating special passenger trains for Norfolk Southern’s 30th anniversary, hosting employees and their families across the northern routes of its system.

On each route, plans call for the 765 to carry a heritage whistle from the New York Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Norfolk & Western, and Wabash Railroads with each whistle representing the route or territory that became part of Norfolk Southern’s system. Additionally, the railroad’s Nickel Plate Road Heritage locomotive no. 8100, will accompany the 765 for most of the season, while Wabash Heritage locomotive no. 1070 will travel with the 765 to St. Louis.

We’ll be releasing more news and special items to celebrate our 40th anniversary starting with the 765’s complete 2012 schedule. Discover the 765 trackside in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois throughout the summer on the following dates below.

Please note that we cannot provide routing or times for deadhead moves as these are not scheduled and may change at any time.

Download the schedule.


July 20 – Fort Wayne, IN – Bellevue, OH (deadhead)

July 21 – Bellevue – Bucyrus, Ohio (3 trips)
July 22 – Bellevue – Bucyrus, Ohio (2 trips)

July 23 – Bellevue – Toledo (deadhead)

July 28 – Homestead Yard – Maumee (2 trips)
July 29 – Homestead Yard – Maumee (2 trips)

July 30 – Toledo – Portsmouth, Ohio (deadhead)
July 31 – Portsmouth, Ohio – Williamson, West Virginia (deadhead)

August 4th – Williamson, WV – Ought One (am) Naugatuck (pm) (3 trips)
August 5th – Williamson, WV – Ought One (am) Naugatuck (pm) (2 trips)

August 6th – Williamson – Columbus, Ohio (deadhead)
August 7th – Columbus, OH – Pittsburgh, PA (deadhead)

August 11th – Conway Yard – OC Bridge (2 trips)
August 12th – Conway Bridge – Homewood Junction (2 trips)

August 13th – Conway – Harrisburg (deadhead)

August 18th – Enola – CP Capitol (3 trips)
August 19th – Enola – CP Capitol (2 trips)

August 20th – Harrisburg, PA – Pittsburgh (deadhead)
August 21st – Pittsburgh, PA – Bellevue, OH (deadhead)
August 22nd – Bellevue – Fort Wayne, IN (deadhead)

September 5th – Fort Wayne, IN – Decatur, IL (deadhead)
September 6th – Decatur, IL – St. Louis (deadhead)

September 8th – Berkley, MO – St. Peters, MO (2 trips)
September 9th – Berkley, MO – St. Peters, MO (2 trips)

September 10th – St. Louis – Decatur, IL (deadhead)
September 11th – Decatur, Fort Wayne (deadhead)

September 29th, 30th – Open House, New Haven, IN

Help support railroad preservation by using this information safely and responsibly. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Return on July 9th, 10th, 13th and 16th for more exciting news from the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society and the 765.


  1. Reply
    Chris says

    Where will the 765 layover in Decatur IL on 9/10?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      At the Norfolk Southern yard.

  2. Reply
    Kim Fisher says

    I was just wondering where the train will be in St Peters? Haven’t lived out in the area long & am not aware of any stations in St Peters. Do you know about what times it will be running from St Peters to Berkley?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Our route map has the locations: 765.org/locate.html – trips are at 9AM and 12PM both days.

  3. Reply
    Robert Cooper says

    Thanks to all of you for bringing the 765 out this way with NS! I got to ride behind the N&W J-Class 611 many, many years ago between Decatur and St. Louis. I’m looking forward to seeing the 765 out on the same rails soon. And thanks to TRAINS magazine for running the article highlighting this. Without it, I wouldn’t have known and missed a great opportunity.

  4. Reply
    kyle says

    I saw it going through Pittsburgh the other day. Love to see it again. Amazing, beautiful machine.
    We need to use more coal / steam and less Diesel fuel. Save the Diesel for my old Mercedes :)

  5. Reply
    Ted Miller says

    I had heard that the route on August 21st would not go north to Cleveland because of congestion, but instead take the west route through Canon/Massillon. The route on the Insta-Mapper shows the Cleveland route. Can you confirm the route? Hope to see it again tomorrow.


    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Ted, yeah, we’re working on updating the route map. True routing is Alliance-Mansfield-Bucyrus-Bellevue.

  6. Reply
    Anthony depinto says

    Kelly, i checked the news section of the website.
    It doesnt say anything about a departure time tommorow.
    Im in the alliance area so i would like to know how much time i have.

  7. Reply
    Jill Kummer says

    Approximately what time on Monday, August 20th should we expect the train to be in Pittsburgh? Will it travel on the three sets of tracks on the North Shore of the river? (Same side as the Emsworth Dam and the Conway yards?

  8. Reply
    Anthony Depinto says

    what time are you guys leaving conway on tuesday?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Anthony, see our most recent news post…

  9. Reply
    Sean Hamill says

    I see on the schedule that 765 is supposed to be in the Pittsburgh region on Monday, Aug. 20. But a local story said it would be head to the Conway yard on Saturday, Aug. 18. Can you say at this point which timeframe is correct?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Sean, we are in Harrisburg this weekend, and will return to Pittsburgh/Conway Yards Monday.

  10. Reply
    C, Sieving says

    oops. sorry, I see that was answered in the comment/question right abouve mine.

  11. Reply
    C, Sieving says

    What route can we expect when you do the August 21st – Pittsburgh, PA – Bellevue, OH deadhead move? I live in the Cleveland area and was wondering if you would be passing through Berea, OH during this deadhead move.

  12. Reply
    David A Gardner says

    Will the public be able to view close up 765 while parked at Enola?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      David, only during the trips this weekend.

  13. Reply


    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Glenn, about six hours, give or take. Watch the engine on our GPS tracker for a better indication on Monday.

  14. Reply
    David Ferguson says

    Hi, could you tell me what line 765 will take thought Cleveland?
    That is my video you used as a example of what you want to see, thank you very much

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      David, we won’t be through Cleveland this year. Next Tuesday we’ll be running from Conway, PA to Bellevue, OH via Bucyrus on the old Fort Wayne line. Thanks!

  15. Reply
    Jeff Eskra says

    Just saw the 765 out of Conway rail yard. What a sight to share with my dad. My nephews would have loved to have seen the steam locomotive. Looking to share more of these historic sights and treasures with others.

  16. Reply
    George Wright says

    Hi Kelly: We are hoping to see 765 on Monday Aug 13 on her ferry run to Harrisburg. Our hopes are that she will be passing through Lewistown, PA and the preserved PRR station there on Monday. We know that plans for a move like this are always subject to change, but are you able to say whether or not the PLAN for Monday is to go all the way to Enola? Or is there an overnight stop planned for Monday night somewhere east of Pittsburgh but west of Lewistown? We are coming from eastern PA and can only get away on Monday….if we need to go farther west (say, to Altoona/Curve/Gallitzen/Cresson) we can do that, just trying to understand the planned logistics of Monday’s move. Any clarification of Monday’s plans would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks to all who are involved in making this tremendous event happen!

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      George, Monday will be a reverse of last week with a stop at Altoona with the exception being a stop at Cresson to change crews, and and we’ll be headed all the way to Conway. Estimated departure from Enola is 6AM.

  17. Reply
    Stacey hays says

    Saw the 765 coming into Conway yard this evening with my two rail canner boys. They were so excited to spot the smoke trail before we even spotted the train! Love the gps tracker. Watched it throughout the day! Going to have a full day of rail fanning on Sunday.

  18. Reply
    Ted Miller says

    Had a wonderful time watching it thunder through Massillon, Ohio this afternoon. What a great piece of history. Keep up the good work. Hope to see it again soon in our area. Are there any plans for it to pass through Alliance this year?

  19. Reply
    Alan Briggs says

    Kelly do you know the schedule times for the Conway trips? Thanks in advance.

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Not at this time, because they are subject to change and have with nearly every trip. Likely a mid morning and midafternoon.

  20. Reply
    Mark says

    Thanks Kelly! It’s been 2 years since my adult son and I chased it ( at Cuyahoga), so looks like another adventure is around the corner :)

  21. Reply
    Debbie Stelmaszak says

    The purpose of this comment is to ask if there would ever be a possibility that you would consider opening up the train rides to non-employees for a fee? I have several train enthusiasts in my family that would love the opportunity to ride this beautiful historic train.

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Debbie, we offer public trips every year except this one as these excursions are keeping us very busy. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter above.

  22. Reply
    AW says

    Glad to see that the train is up and running, really disappointed to see that it’s not a public event. Next time, please make that very clear on your website.

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      AW, thank you and we look forward to operating public trips again in the very near future, but we think of our operation of the 765 in general to be a very significant public event, hence the publishing of the schedule and GPS tracker so that anyone and everyone can choose to see the train where they want to.

  23. Reply
    Sandy L. says

    Homestead and Airline are in Toledo, Ohio…Where in Toledo are these yards? My son would love to see a real steamy going chuff!!!!

  24. Reply
    Andrew Desabatino says

    Hi! What times will 765 be departing on the Harrisburg Trips?

  25. Reply
    Mark says

    Kelly, what are the chances that the return route from Decatur to Ft Wayne (Sept. 11) will be the same as the Sept. 6, departing route? And thanks for keeping us informed!

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Mark, it will very likely be same route along the old Wabash. Anything else would be well out of the way.

  26. Reply
    Bob Polasky says

    Will 765 be departing from Homestead Yard or Airline Yard for the deadhead move to Portsmouth on July 30th?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Bob P. – Homestead Yard.

  27. Reply
    roger winsor says

    sure wish it would come to the Chicago area

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Roger, Us too! Almost made it last year.

  28. Reply
    Russ Goodwin says

    Has a defined schedule for the Aug 4/5 trips out of Williamson, WV been created yet? I’m looking to see what time the first run is expected to leave Williamson to head east to Ought-One on Sat. am.

    Russ Goodwin

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Russ, they are always subject to change but trips so far are running between 9AM and 11AM in the mornings and 12 and 2PM in the afternoon.

  29. Reply
    Richard Bishop says

    is there a list of projected routes or route map available for printing off?

  30. Reply
    Frank says

    The map looks pretty good, but i was wondering what some of the cities are that the Wabash route passes through, so i can try real hard to be present for some photo ops when y’all head from Ft.Wayne to Decatur? Thank you Kelly.

  31. Reply
    James Spangler says

    I see some excursions will run thru IL & MO (St Louis area). You stated these
    are for employee’s only. Is it possible for a retired NS employee to ride??

    Thank You!

  32. Reply
    Judy Sodders says

    My husband, Neil, used to work on the Nickel Plate RR – he absolutely loved it – would LOVE to take an excursion on it again – hope we can

  33. Reply
    Richard Lawson says

    Just wanted to say thanks for giving us all the info on finding 765 along the way. I plan to see the 765 a lot this weekend!

  34. Reply
    Benjamin A. says

    Will there be a caboose? Cabooses need to make a come back!

  35. Reply
    Rick Brennan says

    Kelly, Thanks so much for keeping up with the comments, the information here is quite useful. I noticed you stated that the routing may change from day to day etc but do you know which river bridge you will be using over the Maumee on the Airline-Homestead legs? I’m going to try and see the train thundering over the river.

    For what it’s worth I stumbled across this map here http://www.railfanguides.us/oh/toledo/toledoyards99.pdf and by looking at it i’m assuming the route for NS (green on that map) must go over the maumee at the further south rail bridge but wanted to know if you could confirm this or not.


  36. Reply
    Mike Bowman says

    Hi Kelly,
    When do you folks plan to run more excursions up the Cuyahoga Valley Line again, between Cleveland and Akron or Canton, Ohio?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Hey Mike, CVSR is likely to host another steam locomotive in the near future. We’ll come when we’re invited and not so busy! Thanks.

  37. Reply
    Phil says

    Your schedule shows the cities, but how about publishing the route map so we can see extactly what RR you will be on?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Phil, we don’t know the routing for certain and because it could change on a day to day or even hour to hour basis, it isn’t possible for us to keep updating the routing while we’re on the road. Your best bet is to look at a Norfolk Southern route map between the cities, as our graphic on the homepage does.

      The GPS tracker at http://www.fwrhs.org/locate.html hopefully helps in this.

  38. Reply
    bill anderson says

    Will i be able to take my grandson to the TOLEDO YARD FOR PICTRUES

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Bill, your best bet is to catch us trackside outside the yard.

  39. Reply
    leigh says

    How do you find pricing and buy tickets? I have looked all over….

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Leigh – these are excursions for employees of the railroad only as specified above, though we are taking opportunities to invite the public trackside to see the engine and train with the posted schedule and our GPS tracker.

  40. Reply
    Candy Jackson says

    Any idea what time the 765 will attemt to depart Ft. Wayne on July 20? I’ll have to drive a ways to see it pass by. Totally worth it : )

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Likely not before 10AM.

  41. Reply
    Jon Cooper says

    What is the ETO Arrival at Bucyrus on the 21st?

  42. Reply
    Brad Noyes says

    Do they have a certain set time in the morning for when the trips will start?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Brad – 9AM.

  43. Reply
    Mike says

    On the Bellevue-Bucyrus trips on July 21-22, any basic schedule as to departure/arrival times? Thank you for your time and patience!

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Mike – 9AM, 12PM, and 3PM Saturday. 9AM and 12 on Sunday.

  44. Reply
    Chris says

    Is there a map of the rail road track path the train will be taking to all of these destinations? I’d love to photograph it, but not certain if I’d setup at a track if it’d cross paths their. Also, with the time of day and lighting that could be for best angles.

  45. Reply
    Alexander Ricci says

    Does anybody know where CP Capitol is? Is that the Harrisburg train station?

  46. Reply
    Chris says

    Some one said it was coming to Mi. But i can i can go Toledo.

  47. Reply
    Steve P. says

    Any chance of seeing the 765 run through NJ by 2015?? Particularly on the NS Lehigh Line between Croxton yard/ Newark, NJ and Allentown??

    Thanks to NS for bringing this program back!!

  48. Reply
    Jerry Murray says

    What happened to 765 running the dearborn line in michigan. ?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Jerry, there was never any announcement about the 765 running in Michigan, only on a portion of the Dearborn Division near Toledo.

  49. Reply
    Miles Post says

    As a non-NS employee, I sure do miss the steam program that was open to the public years ago. I agree with what some other posters have said: We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this program might expand and once again offer trips to the general public. It’s a great public relations tool. If nothing else, if the public could ride just the deadhead (positioning) moves alone, it would come close to reviving what we remember about the NS steam program of years past. And kudos to NS management for that very successful public relations tool of painting those new locomotives in those heritage paint schemes! Good job, NS!

  50. Reply
    John DeRoo says

    Good Luck on the trips guys. Kelly hope to see you in St. Louis in September and
    hopefully you guys can lead the 21st Century program to KC in the next few years.

  51. Reply
    Buddy Long says

    I want to say that its truly awesome that the 765 will be out on the NS mainline. I am so excited and cant wait to see it come to Harrisburg, PA. And kudos for NS providing this excursion for there employees! My only hope is that one day NS could provide the public with the same time of excursions. How spectacular that would be to ride the mainline behind a steam engine like the good old days!!! Be seeing you in, Harrisburg. PA!!!!

  52. Reply
    Ryan Hiser says

    I am from southwestern Ohio around the Washington Court House area that is home to Chesapeake & Ohio 2776. Fellow 2-8-4 Nickel Plate765 is my favorite locomotive active today. Glad to know that 765 will be back on the high iron and pulling these excursions on former Nickel Plate mainline. Hopefully NS can expand this program to include other locomotives and fan trips so that railfans can enjoy these trips as much as it’s employees. Just another dedicated railfan.

  53. Reply
    Joanne Starr says

    If EVER there was an opening for “civilians” to catch a ride behind the 765, I would love to. My father was an engineer on the NKP and I remember when the railroad purchased those bit 700’s soon after WW2 and he engineered between Bellevue and Ft. Wayne on them..

    Joanne Starr

  54. Reply
    Ed Rahn says

    Where is Homestead Yard—Airline Junction?

    ETO Arrival into Bellevue, OH on July 21?? Homewood Junction is where?

    ET Depature from FWayne on July 20?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Ed, we don’t have scheduled departure or arrival times for deadhead moves. Homestead and Airline are in Toledo, Ohio:

  55. Reply
    Bud says

    Great news. Will 765 be going through Defiance OH on it’s way to Bellevue? Will there be info released that says exactly what tracks the train will be passing on and at what time??

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Bud – Defiance is not on the old Nickel Plate. Our route is via Payne and Fostoria. There is no set schedule for the deadhead moves.

  56. Reply
    Kerry says

    Curious if you will be passing through Latrobe on the trip between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Kerry – it’s possible but ultimately up to the railroad to determine routing on the day.

  57. Reply
    jim Ash says

    The Sept 6th deadhead from Ft Wayne to Decatur, IL will it go through Lafayette, IN??

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Jim, yes we will be.

  58. Reply
    jim Ash says

    Will the765 be going through Muncie, IN at any time this summer????

  59. Reply
    Jerry Hengenius says

    Thanks for all the advance info this year, Kelly. It’s nice to know that 765 will be leading this year. Question is, will she be limited to 40 mph? I really hope 765 can make it to Buffalo in the next few years. I know a nice MoW siding here in Willoughby that might – repeat, might – be adequate for an overnight tie-down :)

    Hope to see you in Bellevue on the 20th. – Jerry

  60. Reply
    Aaron says

    Wow. On Sept. 7-10, 765 will be running not 10 minutes from where I live! I’ll definitely make plans to go see it then!

  61. Reply
    Ron Dunker says

    Thanks Lynch for your replies. I understand you guies cant meet all the demands but what your are doing is a blessing. you guies make A
    merica happy. I hope for smooth running this season so we can have more in the future. You guies do great work and should be proud of e
    very blow of the whistle..

  62. Reply
    Mike says

    The weekend of July 7-8 there are deadhead trips Roanoke-Bristol-Knoxville, and some tickets have been sold to the public. Any possibility of public tickets being available for any of the deadhead moves? Thanks

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Mike – Not this year, as the deadheads are not running on a schedule.

  63. Reply
    David McDougall says

    Are the times aloud to be announced for when 765 is running around Toledo?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      David – The best we can do now is how many trips per day.

  64. Reply
    Mark A. Frazier says

    Kudos to the FWRHS and NS for making this possible! Larry Randolph, Paul Bennett, Glen Brendal the Claytor Brothers and others will be watching down on you. Make them Proud!!!

  65. Reply
    Russ Kinsley says

    When your talking about the Water Level Route do you the old NYC ?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Russ – Yes, chiefly between Toledo-Butler-Elkhart-Chicago.

  66. Reply
    Margaret (SP fan) says

    What day will the 765 go over Horseshoe Curve? (Please pardon the dumb question, but I am in California, and don’t know the area at all.) Hope all goes well for the 765 and all of you! Those look like wonderful trips!

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      The 765 will travel over Horseshoe Curve on August 13th (eastbound) and August 20th (westbound.)

  67. Reply
    Thomas Little says

    Hope to catch a photo on Horseshoe Curve on the deadhead leg from Conway to Harrisburg. Will it be under steam on deadheads? or will the Heritage Unit be the power? Thanks

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      The 765 will be the sole, leading power on each deadhead moves.

  68. Reply
    Steve Koenig says

    What can be done to get the 765 to the east end of the former NKP (Buffalo)?

    • Reply
      Kelly Lynch - FWRHS says

      Steve – Norfolk Southern plans to expand their 21st Century Steam program to other parts of the railroad through 2015, so steam will likely reach New York state between now and then.

  69. Reply
    Jim says

    It would be lovely for 765 to return to Chicago, as she did in early 80’s(I think) with the trips to Janesville. I know the roads have changed,so perhaps something with NS could be worked out for her to return.

  70. Reply
    Ronn says

    Wasnt part of the trip originally scheduled to go through northern indiana? My parents live in Valparaiso and I had told them about the 765 schedule but now it looks like it is further south.

    • Reply
      lynch says

      Originally that was the plan but the logistics for Indiana and the Water Level Route at this time are too demanding. We expect the 21st Century Steam program to expand to Indiana in the near future.

  71. Reply
    Brett Bodenschatz says

    2 things.

    1. What is a deadhead?
    2. Will the NKP heritage unit still be on the deadheads?

    • Reply
      lynch says

      A deadhead is a non-revenue move to position the train at the next location. The NKP heritage unit will be with the train at all times.

  72. Reply
    Ron Dunker says

    What happened to going to Elkhart?

    • Reply
      lynch says

      Elkhart and much of the Water Level Route may be on the table for next year. Originally much of the runs were planned for Indiana and the immediate midwest before it was decided to expand them to other parts of the system.

  73. Reply
    tim hauver says

    Will the general public be able to buy tickets for the st. Louis trips

    • Reply
      lynch says

      Tim, these are employee appreciation specials for employees only. We are providing this information and will be releasing more in the next two weeks for the public to catch the 765 anywhere they’d like this year. It’s possible we’ll be able to operate some 21st Century Steam trips in 2013 and beyond.

  74. Reply
    Kurt Lawson says

    This is so awesome! What more can you say. I hope the weather cools a bit!

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