765 – A 21st Century Survivor


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  • Fascinating stories by Rich Melvin, 765’s Engineer for 34 years

  • 192 pages, hard and softcover available

  • History of the Nickel Plate Road Berkshire steam locomotives

  • Wide-format “coffee table” book

  • Over 200 photos, many never before published

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Fascinating on-the-road stories from Rich Melvin, 765’s Operations Manager and Engineer for 34 years! Order now in time for Christmas!

Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive No. 765 is one of the most active steam locomotives running today. Capable of speeds up to 80 mph and developing 4,500 horsepower, this 404-ton monster is an impressive machine! Owned by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, the 765 has pulled special excursion trains all over the eastern United States. Beginning back in 1980, she has today provided over 300,000 people with the unique experience of riding behind a steam-powered passenger train.

The 765 pulled the famous “New River Trains” through the New River Gorge for many years. At thirty-four cars, these were the longest and heaviest passenger trains ever pulled by a steam locomotive. The 765 has also run around the world-famous Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, Pennsylvania. Rich Melvin tells the story of the first steam locomotive on the curve in thirty-five years, as he ran the locomotive up the grade and around the curve with the CEO of the railroad on board!

This 192-page book tells about the 765’s twenty-first-century overhaul back to like-new specs, and also contains many stories from Rich’s years on the 765’s crew. There are over 200 photos in this book, many never before published.

Author Rich Melvin served as the 765’s Operations Manager and Engineer for thirty-four years. In this book, Rich tells some great stories and shares a few personal thoughts from his long career as NKP 765’s engineer.

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