Sister locomotives to 358 show off the Nickel Plate's distinctive paint scheme.

Project 358 to restore former Nickel Plate SD9

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc announces Project 358, an effort to restore our historic SD9 class diesel locomotive. The project will restore the locomotive’s cosmetic appearance as it ran on the Nickel Plate Road and eventually return it to operational condition. We will be holding a volunteer work session...

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Record crowds at 2016 Open House

Over 3,000 visitors took part in the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society’s Annual Open House on August 19th, 20th and 21st, shattering attendance records for the event. The railroad society was  featured less than eight local articles in local television and newspapers and over 250 members visited the society for...

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Return of the 767

Though the 765 is the only surviving Nickel Plate steam locomotive operating today, she was once accompanied by 79 sister engines charged with moving fast freight and passenger trains between Chicago, Fort Wayne and Buffalo, New York. On July 15th, 1951 fate would intervene on the 767’s behalf for the...

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